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A few months ago when I was involved in a bad car accident, I didn't know what to do next. In an attempt to make things right, I tried to be open and honest with lawyers and insurance agents when they called, only to be reprimanded by complete strangers. After taking a few phone calls on my own, I realized that I needed to have an advocate at my side to make things right. I contacted an attorney, who came right out to help me the next day. He listened to the details of my case, started screening my calls, and instantly reduced my stress level.

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Motorcycle Accident Tips To Help You Win Your Case

Winning a case after a motorcycle accident can be difficult, especially if there are no witnesses so it comes to your word against the other party's word. The following tips can help improve your chances of success so that you can get what you deserve.

Tip #1: Take photos of the scene

The best case scenario is that you are able to take the photographs yourself before emergency services begins to clean up the accident scene. Try and get a photograph from every angle, along with close-ups of damage to the other vehicle and your bike. It's also a good idea to look for things like tire treads on the road, which can indicate that a driver was going too fast or braked abruptly. If you are unable to take photographs immediately, at least have yourself or someone else visit the scene as soon as possible to take photos of tire treads, property damage, and the general layout of the road, intersection, or signage in the area.

Tip #2: Keep Your Evidence

If you end up in the hospital, make sure that you request any damaged clothing back as soon as you are able. Your safety gear, helmet, and other clothing items are evidence of the severity of the accident that you have survived. It's best to gather items that were likely removed on scene, like your helmet, and keep them with you at all times so they don't become lost during the clean up process.

Tip #3: Accept Medical Help

For those lucky enough to be standing after a motorcycle accident, it can be tempting to shrug off the ambulance ride. Yet, it is best to go to the hospital immediately so that an accurate assessment of your condition and any injuries can be made. You may not feel some injuries right away, especially with your adrenaline pumping. A doctor can find and document injuries including road rash and deep tissue injuries immediately so there will be no question that they were caused by the accident. This makes it more difficult for the insurance companies to deny payment for treatment. If you don't get into the ambulance, at least have someone take you to the doctor as soon as possible.

Tip #4: Collect Your Own Paperwork

You will start collecting paperwork as soon as emergency services arrives. This includes items like police reports, on scene medical assessments, and hospital paperwork. Keep everything together. While most of it can be replaced, this can be a difficult and time consuming process. Keep every document you receive in regards to your accident and treatment. Give your attorney copies of these documents. While your attorney can get copies on their own, it is quicker and easier if you already have them.

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