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A few months ago when I was involved in a bad car accident, I didn't know what to do next. In an attempt to make things right, I tried to be open and honest with lawyers and insurance agents when they called, only to be reprimanded by complete strangers. After taking a few phone calls on my own, I realized that I needed to have an advocate at my side to make things right. I contacted an attorney, who came right out to help me the next day. He listened to the details of my case, started screening my calls, and instantly reduced my stress level.


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3 Things You Need To Know To Prepare For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, you should be as prepared as possible. The process can be long and exhausting, so the best way to make is easier on yourself is to know how to prepare yourself and what to expect. Here are some things you can expect and things you should do before you pursue a lawsuit.

1. Bring In All Of The Documents and Information For Your Lawyer

After the personal injury lawyer files the lawsuit with the court, they will go through a process called discovery. This is when both sides do what they can to get all of the information possible to detail the facts of the case. You can speed up this process by getting everything ready. For instance, you should start collecting all documents pertaining to the case right away. Medical bills, correspondence letters or emails, denial letters, and so forth. In addition, you should let people who were in involved in the case know that they might need to be deposed. This will help them prepare for the deposition and get all of their information together as well.

2. Have A Retainer Ready

Many people erroneously think that when they file a lawsuit that their lawyer would work on contingency. This means that the lawyer only get's paid if they win, but the lawyer will take a larger percentage of the winnings. Although some lawyers work this way, many will want a retainer up front. This means that before they will start working on your case, you need to pay them money that they will put in a separate account and draw from it as they work on your case. If you don't have a retainer ready, they might not take your case, so it is best to have some money set aside.

3. Be Ready To Compromise

Know that initially you will ask for a large amount of money and a good deal of things in damages. But since most lawsuits settle before court, you need to be ready to negotiate and compromise. This is in your best interest in most cases since you will save a lot of money in legal fees and you will have great control over the outcome.

This is why it is important to be realistic about how much money you will get from your lawsuit. You may have to give on a couple things to get the suit resolved.

These are just a couple things you need to know about personal injury lawsuits.