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A few months ago when I was involved in a bad car accident, I didn't know what to do next. In an attempt to make things right, I tried to be open and honest with lawyers and insurance agents when they called, only to be reprimanded by complete strangers. After taking a few phone calls on my own, I realized that I needed to have an advocate at my side to make things right. I contacted an attorney, who came right out to help me the next day. He listened to the details of my case, started screening my calls, and instantly reduced my stress level.

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Preexisting Conditions And On-The-Job Injuries

If you are hurt while at work, you probably are covered by workers' compensation insurance. Your employer provides this coverage at no charge to you. Commonly, workers are covered for medical expenses and paid a disability wage while they are out of work recuperating. Things don't always go smoothly after a claim is filed, however. Read on to find out more about a common issue with workers' comp claims: preexisting conditions.

Understanding Preexisting Conditions

You probably have heard of this issue before. Previously, some health insurance enrollees were denied coverage for medical conditions that occurred prior to the coverage date. Insurers are no longer able to apply restrictions like that for healthcare insurance but preexisting conditions can still be a problem for those with work-related claims for workers' compensation. If your injury falls into certain categories, you might have problems with your workers' compensation coverage for conditions that existed prior to the current injury. That does not mean you cannot be covered, however.

Conditions Made Worse by Work

Not all preexisting conditions will lead to a denial of workers' coverage. The key is to show that your preexisting condition was worsened because of a work situation. The workers' compensation carrier considers preexisting conditions on a case-by-case basis. Take a look at a few situations in which your claim may be denied:

  1. You hurt your back while boating last year and your back is still bothering you even though your work places no extra strain on it.
  2. You suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in your last job and had surgery to correct it. However, you still have issues with your wrists. Fortunately, your new job does not place your wrist in the position of performing repetitive motions.

Neither of the above situations will likely warrant coverage by workers' compensation. However, the below issues might:

  1. You were diagnosed with hypertension years ago and you try to keep it under control. However, your new job is increasingly stressful because your company refuses to hire more employees, leaving you to do the jobs of several people. Because of the stress, you suffered a heart attack.
  2. You suffered a knee injury in a car accident several years ago but have mostly healed. However, your boss is now asking you to do tasks that you are not properly trained to do, and your leg is hurting again. You may now need knee surgery.

If you are being denied benefits because of a preexisting condition, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer about your case. Don't allow the denial to stop you from seeking the benefits you deserve.